Rebuilding everything!

We redoing the furniture! And pretty much everything else...

If you've tried to have a look at the site, only to find it wasn't working, apologies: we've been changing everything, from the ground-up.

Conferences and Event Services

Do you organise events, exhibitions, conferences, talks or public meetings? Then you will know how complex they are to manage. Whether your event is a regular occurance or stand-alone, we have experience that can help you to manage your event with confidence.

Publisher Services

If your business involves publishing magazines, newspapers, books or any other content, and you are finding that your web systems are not flexible enough, or you would like to bring down costs, then we can help you.

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Drupalcon London is Gone!

DrupalCon London 2011 happened! We were incredibly pleased, with the team having worked on the event for two years. And we're especially proud that Jeff Veit wrote the bid for London, herded it through the competiton to host the conference, and was a co-lead on the project. 

Using a framework vs an application as the basis for work

We were at a meeting last week where it was suggested that Django would be a good way to develop a CRM solution with web integration. I thought I'd take a few minutes to outline the advantages and problems of this approach.

There is at least one advantage to using Django:

  • A custom application, written just for you can match your needs exactly.

But on the other hand:

Hosting & lock-in

Of course we provide hosting if a client needs a site hosting, and we almost always host sites during the development phase of the lifecycle, but given the choice between hosting ourselves and using a dedicated hosting company, we would normally advise our customers not to host with us.

Some customers find this quite surprising, but we see it as a benefit.